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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I take DeviantArt Points only, thanks! Points 

I do traditional pencil, painting, Copics and digital media


Sketches: 500 points per head
About 3 days
Lineart: 600 points and 500 points for more sketchy/less refined line art
About 3 days
Coloured: 800 points per head (900 points of they are more complex)
About 1 week

Link by Turtle-Brownie  colouring practice by Turtle-Brownie  Feyre (WIP) by Turtle-Brownie  Estela S by Turtle-Brownie  Jake S by Turtle-Brownie 

Quinn S by Turtle-Brownie  Sean  S by Turtle-Brownie  Test  3 by Turtle-Brownie  Rhysand lineart 1 by Turtle-Brownie

Sketches: 600 points for simplistic, 800 for more complex pieces (per person)
about 4 days
Line art: 700 points for simplistic, 900 for more complex pieces (per person) minus 50 points for more sketchy/less refined line art
about 1 week

Ladybug by Turtle-Brownie  Lovesick by Turtle-Brownie  Mercy by Turtle-Brownie  Words Fail by Turtle-BrownieNirami by Turtle-Brownie  3 Types Of Uno Players by Turtle-Brownie  My Bois by Turtle-Brownie

Full Body:
(anything to the knees or below)
Sketch: 1000 points each
about 5 days
Line art:1500 points each
about 5 days
Coloured: 2000 points each
about 1 week

Blue by Turtle-Brownie  The Crown And The Flame by Turtle-Brownie  Endless Summer by Turtle-Brownie  Red by Turtle-BrownieNew Canvas by Turtle-Brownie  Sapphire by Turtle-Brownie  Ruby by Turtle-Brownie  Aggressive Yoga by Turtle-Brownie  Manda Panda by Turtle-Brownie  These dorks by Turtle-Brownie


Simplistic: plus 50 points
(contains a patterned circle and a watercolour splotch)
Sapphire by Turtle-Brownie  Ladybug by Turtle-Brownie

Moderate: plus 100 points
(can contain simplistic shapes, words in the background, brush strokes etc)
Red by Turtle-Brownie  Words Fail by Turtle-Brownie  Blue by Turtle-Brownie

Complex: plus 200 points
(contains a more refined, set background)

New Canvas by Turtle-Brownie  Assassins Creed thing by Turtle-Brownie

No background: free
If you do not choose a background, you will just get a simplistic one colour background, a light water colour splotch or a transparent background
colouring practice by Turtle-Brownie Manda Panda by Turtle-Brownie


Sketches: 500 points per head (Note that I work best with reference)
about 3 days
Line art: 550 points per head
about 3 days
Coloured (with Copics): 800 points per head
about 1 week
Coloured (with varied paints): 900 points per head
about 1 week
Untitled Artwork by Turtle-Brownie  Cullen by Turtle-Brownie     Fallout 4 Maccready FanArt by Turtle-Brownie   Fallout 4 Far Harbour DiMA FanArt by Turtle-Brownie  Fallout 4 Nick Valentine FanArt by Turtle-Brownie  Ciri by Turtle-Brownie

Chloe Price Life is Strange by Turtle-Brownie  Asari Copic Illustration by Turtle-Brownie  Clicker by Turtle-Brownie  Black and White by Turtle-Brownie

Sketches: 600 points for simplistic, 800 for more complex pieces (per person)
about 3 days
Line art: 700 points for simplistic, 900 for more complex pieces (per person)
about 4 days
Coloured (with Copics): 900 points for simplistic pieces, 1100 for more complex pieces
about 1 week
Late night doodle by Turtle-Brownie  I should probably be studying by Turtle-Brownie   Skull kid by Turtle-Brownie   Rogue One Jyn and Cassian by Turtle-Brownie  Mass Effect Garrus Vakarian by Turtle-Brownie  

Full Body:
Sketch: 1000 points each
about 4 days
Line art:1500 points each 
about 5 days
Mass Effect Jack by Turtle-Brownie   Hipster mermaid sketch  by Turtle-Brownie   sketch by Turtle-Brownie  Chloe Pencil Sketch by Turtle-Brownie

All prices are negotiable!!

Half the payment must be given before I begin your commission, and the other half given afterwards.
The process of a commission:
1. order is sent
2. I will either accept or decline the order (I have the full right to decline/cancel at any time)
3. Keep an eye on your notifications; I may ask questions about the commission or send you drafts!
4. Once I complete the commission, I will send you low quality, watermarked piece, to ensure what I have is correct
5. If you are satisfied with the commission, great! You will send me the other half of the owed amount and I will send you a full resolution copy with a less obvious watermark. If you are not satisfied, you can either ask me to change it or cancel the order altogether. If you cancel too late, you will not get a refund. If you want something changed, I may have to charge you extra, depending on how big the change is.

WIP/draft sheets may look like this:
AkemiIsumi - Commission character 2 by Turtle-Brownie  AkemiIsumi - comission by Turtle-Brownie   Scan0003 by Turtle-Brownie   Rhysand by Turtle-Brownie  Wizard by Turtle-BrownieCullen Sketch by Turtle-Brownie

I can still post and sell your commission for the same price or more than you paid

If you cancel within 24 hours, you will get a full refund, If you cancel afterward, however, only half/none will be refunded depending on how far I am. If at any point I decide to cancel, no matter how much progress I have made, you will get a full refund. 

You can ask for a work in progress (WIP) shot at anytime

Previous requests/commissions, if you're still unsure:
Diego 1b by Turtle-Brownie  Lia 7c by Turtle-Brownie  Sam Massey 11a by Turtle-Brownie  Request by Turtle-Brownie  REQUESTED Prince Sidon And Link by Turtle-Brownie  AkemiIsumi's Commission by Turtle-Brownie  Michelle And Sean Request by Turtle-Brownie

What I will not draw:
- anything discriminating
- extreme gore
- fetishes

Things I am not good at drawing and have no experience with (you can still ask, it just won't be very good)
- Ponies
- animals in general
- Furries (depending on how 'human' the furry is; if its just a person with ears and a tail, I can do it) ---> example: Nirami

Things I will most certainly draw:
- People! (although the full, complex anatomy is a weakness)
- slight gore (as in maybe just some blood here and there, not too much) --> example: These dorks
- swearing with art is perfectly fine as well

Once you have your commission, you can do whatever you like with it but you can NOT sell it or remove the watermark.

Please ask questions BEFORE I begin, because I will not refund because of avoidable mistakes. Please ask a lot of questions (during commission as well), I would hate to have a misunderstanding!

Please understand that I am still a Highschool student with a job and after school sports so please take that into consideration! (Prices may go up during school week, and down during holidays)

You must pay full price, no excuses! (you may however negotiate BEFORE commissioning me)

I have the full right to decline/cancel commissions (If I cancel, you get a full refund)

Contact me through DeviantArt notes, tumblr or through email!

Have an amazing day!


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Artist | Student | Varied


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